April 11th, 2007 by Keith

XEUS Messenger 1.0 Preview 4

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xeus messenger

There are several instant messengers out there, ranging from Microsoft’s Live Messenger to Yahoo! Messenger and Google’s GTalk. Other types include GAIM which supports Jabber protocol and more. But here, what is going to be introduced is the very new instant messenger, known as xeus messenger.

This instant messenger comes with xmpp protocol support; in other words, it is also a Jabber client. The interface has a Vista-like outlook, which gives users a rather unique feeling. Its user interface is implemented in Windows Presentation Foundation.


  • .NET 3.0 Framework

Note that this is still currently under alpha development and bug may still persists. This is also an open source application, thus the source code is available for download.

Download Link
xeus messenger 1.0 preview 4

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