May 20th, 2007 by Keith

Apefly Web Page Generator 1.0

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It should be quite apparent that what I am going to introduce here is a web page generator, known as Apefly. Generally, this application allows users to create simple, yet fully functional web pages without the need to understand or know any sophisticated HTML languages (perhaps maybe the very basic stuffs). Furthermore, it has the ability to provide an educational approach for students who are picking up web design.

Initially, Apefly began as an Online/JavaScript based web page generator. It was further enhanced to develop into simple web page generator to create clean and valid XHTML/CSS web pages. Thus, these are the following functions:

  • * The ability to manage content created with Apefly.
  • * The ability to add special “content key comments” to any Html Document that could then be opened and edited with Apefly.
  • * The ability to add custom Css to the list of optional styles when generating web page.
  • * The ability to open any Css and an associated Html Document, which could then be edited and directly previewed (useful for testing or basic editing of Css with the luxury of an instant preview).
  • * The ability to Batch Replace menus and sub menus in any Html Document created with Apefly, or, that have the special “menu key comments.”
  • * Most of all, I believe Apefly could be an excellent learning tool for those just starting out with Html and Css.

This application runs on Windows platform and is only very small in size, i.e. 436kB. It would definitely be worthwhile trying it out, as a simple Dreamweaver replacement.

Download File
Apefly Web Page Generator 1.0

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