May 30th, 2007 by Keith

CoolAlbum 1.2

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VCool Software Workroom’s CoolAlbum is simply a photo album with four specific functions.


  1. Managing Albums ( Interface Snape ) – user can specify album name, creator, memo, password, select cove picture, page picture, photo arrangement way and change font and color for album’s cover page.
  2. Editing Album or Browsing Photos ( Interface Snape ) – user can change picture arrangement way, insert or delete album page, change photo position and get photos from files.
  3. Editing Photo ( Interface Snape ) – user can adjust a photo’s lightness, contrast gradient, place text on a photo and select frame for a photo.
  4. Searching or Browsing Photos ( Interface Snape ) – user can browse photos in traditional mode.

There are some changes in this latest version. User can now save all of the photos in one album to one folder. Also, the album folder can be changed. Undo operation is now supported for multi step procedures. In addition, there is album privacy protection function, and furthermore an automatic flip album page function.

The application is downloadable for free trial, and a license costs merely $12.99. Download CoolAlbum 1.2 today!

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