May 20th, 2007 by Keith

Daimonin Beta 4 – RPG Online Game

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If you have played Daimonin before, then you will be pleased to know that Beta 4 server is now online. For those who have not heard of Daimonin, basically it is a FREE isometric real-time massive multiplayer online Role-Playing Game (RPG).

The web application supports both 2D and 3D Graphics and sound effects, including digital ambient music. This is known to be a rather fast-growing community worldwide, and almost similar to that of Warcraft. The game contains thousands of items, spells, monsters, quests and more… It also allows group playing, guild building and clan formation. The monsters are artificially created and controlled using artificial intelligence (A.I.).

…You can open every chest or shelf you found somewhere in the game. Torches on the wall can be turned on or off. Items have detailed and complex description….

System Requirement

  • # Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux
  • # Pentium II 350
  • # 64 MB RAM
  • # 8 MB 2D card

So, wait no further and kick start your mighty kingdom from today (especially when the server is new). Both Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.

Download Link
Daimonin Beta 4

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