May 25th, 2007 by Keith

Free-SA 1.3.2 – Statistics Analyzer

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Free Statistics Analyzer

Similar to SARG, Free-SA is a statistic analyzer for daemons log files. Its main advantages over SARG are:

  1. faster speed
  2. more report information
  3. cross-platform work
  4. W3C compliance of generated HTML/CSS reports

These are the following uses with Free-SA:

  1. control traffic usage
  2. control internet access to security policies
  3. investigate security incidents
  4. evaluate server efficiency
  5. trouble detection with configuration

There are several new features and changes in this new release:

  • · A ‘divisor’ option was added to free-sa.conf for controlling the representation of byte fields in all reports except server efficiency.
  • · A ‘users’ option was added for disabling the users report.
  • · A thousands separator was added to the requests field in the top sites report.
  • · This release adds the ability to specify a period with words (not just with dates/numbers as before) and a wide stop/continue button to the real time report (RTR) between the table and header.
  • · Stop/continue icons were added to all themes.
  • · There are some speedups and and cross-platform fixes.

The application is available free for download.

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