May 25th, 2007 by Keith

PlayWav 1.0 – Play WAV Using CLI

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Command line (CLI) applications often fascinates me. For what you can do with Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment or X-screen environment, you can also use CLI to achieve the same task. It may be easier to do so with Linux, but there are also applications made for Windows; and PlayWav 1.0 is one of them.

PlayWav is a CLI application that can be easily integrated into any kind of application. It can be run from batch files, various types of scripts, and even NT services such as a web server.

For example, the program can allow a web server application to play a sound on the web server.

…For instance, imagine that you are running a web cam on your home computer so that you can watch and listen to your baby, kids, or pets. By setting up a web server (such as Microsoft Personal Web Server or Internet Information Server) on your home computer, you can create a simple web page with hyperlinks that cause pre-defined .WAV audio files to be played on your home computer’s speakers. For instance, when you hear your dog start barking, just click the No button on your web site and your dog will hear the correction and (hopefully) stop barking….

The software is supported by u-Consulting, and is available free for download.

Download Application
PlayWav 1.0

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