May 11th, 2007 by Keith

SopCast 1.1.2 – Watch Live Football Matches

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This should interest most of you, especially Internet freaks who are unable to stay away from computers. Realising how powerful Internet these days have transformed our lifestyles such that it is even possible to watch your favourite programs over the Internet. To a certain extent, you are also able to catch a LIVE Football match, e.g. Champion League matches! So, what am I talking about? That’s it! It’s SopCast.

Some of you may have heard of it before, some not. SopCast exploits BitTorrent technology to share bandwidth among users who connects to the same channel. For instance, the host broadcasts his packets but not all the users are downing directly from this host. The clients that received packets from this main host eventually becomes a node itself, and upload packets to share with other clients. This method of bandwidth sharing is truly resource-efficient and effective!

Of course, don’t expect high DVD resolution quality from a live broadcast, but generally the resolution is considered very good for other shows. Now, you can stay home and watch you favourite football match LIVE without leaving your computer!

Download SopCast 1.1.2 today!

Well, this article has to be really special. I am writing this at a height of 11277m above sea-level; on a plane en-route to Singapore.

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