May 31st, 2007 by Keith

SpeedVPN 1.1 Build 3356

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Secure SpeedVPN

Have you ever experience a poor Internet connection speed with your current Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Particularly, when you are having a dialup connection or even a Broadband (DSL or Cable), users can harness the capability of SpeedVPN to accelerate and optimise the Internet connectivity with the improvised compression technology embedded within the software.

With this application, all that is required is a user name and a password for your dial-up account and SpeedVPN will does the remaining job.


  • - 5x faster than Dialup
  • - 3x faster than Broadband DSL
  • - new idea
  • - easy to implement and install
  • - works with any Internet connection in any country.

Furthermore, it is known to be an alternative solution to DSL Broadband. So, instead of paying high fees to upgrade, perhaps this software might give you what you need at no cost.

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SpeedVPN 1.1

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