May 31st, 2007 by Keith

Sticky Notes 1.5 Beta 5

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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are becoming rather popular on personal computers, and it is almost an essential tool on every user’s desktop environment. For Macintosh users, Sticky Notes 1.5 allows Mac OS X users to keep notes and lists on the computer screen so that they can be easily accessed whenever necessarily.

The software is also quite special, in the sense that these notes are searchable. The notes are also easy to line up and can be snapped to each other’s edges automatically. According to the developer’s site,

…Sticky Notes is OpenTalk (Rendezvous) network enabled, so that you can slap a Sticky onto the screen of a fellow user, complete with sound effects…


  • * Windows snap together
  • * Send notes over your network improved
  • * Create notes by dragging files & clippings to the dock
  • * Search & Replace across notes
  • * Export notes to your ipod
  • * Customise your note colours
  • * Embed URLs & email addresses
  • * Attach notes to applications
  • * Import To Do items from iCal
  • * Import from Appleā€™s Stickies
  • * Tile or cascade windows

The Sticky Notes 1.5 Beta 5 application exists as a Universal Binary, whereas previous versions is only applicable on Mac OS X 10.2.8 (PPC only).

Download Application
Sticky Notes 1.5 Beta 5 (Universal Binary)

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