May 21st, 2007 by Keith

WiFi-Manager 2.3

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Managing WiFi connections and settings are now easier with WiFi-Manager 2.3, an application developed by NicomSoft. This is particularly useful for developers who are programming software for Windows applications, e.g. Windows XP and Windows Vista. Despite that both platforms can manage WiFi settings, but they actually use different APIs for wireless network management.

Windows XP SP2
– uses the “Wireless Zero Configuration” (WZC) API. This API is almost undocumented and there aren’t any examples how to use it, although this API can perform all necessary operations with WiFi connections and Windows XP SP2 is the most popular version of Windows at present.

Windows Vista
– uses the “Native WiFi” API. This is a new API that allows you to manage WiFi networks, this API is simpler and more documented, although there is only one example how to use it. You can find this example for the C++ language in the Vista SDK.

As a developer tool, it allows developers to manage WiFi connections and settings in both Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista using only one set of API functions. The application itself provides a COM interface for all API functions so that the settings can be controlled from VB or .NET languages.

Unfortunately, this application does come with a price – a hefty $199 for a license. Nonetheless, a trial version is available for download below.

Download Trial Version
WiFi-Manager 2.3

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