June 15th, 2007 by Keith

4Neurons Eraser 1.0

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Worried about your deleted files being compromised? Knowing some applications have the capability to restore deleted files that has been emptied from the Windows’ Recycle Bin, it can compromise user’s privacy and security. Basically, what we need is a delete function that is capable of completely removing every single trace of the file in your hard disk, making it impossible for any recovery.

And, 4Neuron Eraser is one such program that actually performs this specific task. 4Neuron Eraser ensures that files erased are impossible to be recovered with any file recovering softwares.

The standard “Delete” method merely removes filename from the directory list and marks the space occupied on the hard disk as free so that it can used by other files. However, without manipulating that specific space, the entire content of the “erased file” remains intact and thus can be easily recovered.

This file-removing software physically removes the content of the file by overwriting the occupied space multiple times with randomly-generated data just completely deleting the file.

….4Neurons Eraser uses custom pseudo-random number generator with enormous period and large seed value…

By overwriting the same spot several times with chaotic, random data, the original content can never be recovered nor reconstructed.

Note that, a 30-day trial version is available for download below; a license copy costs only $24.95.

Download File
4Neuron Eraser 1.0

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