June 18th, 2007 by Keith

FileShield 1.0 – Password Protect Your Files

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File Shield

Ever want a simple protection scheme on your files and folders of your Windows system without going too much hassle and complication of using expensive software? FileShield 1.0 is probably what you might be looking for.

This application is capable of password-protecting your files and also produces an executable file. As such, users can share the application or files without worrying that the original file content is being compromised.

To share the file, simply share the executable file. Upon execution, a password will be required in order to extract the original content of the file. Also, note that even if changes are being made to the file, the encrypted file remains the same, i.e. the original version remains unchanged.

Distributed free for your use, the application is very useful, in my opinion, for anyone who wishes to keep the file content a secret.

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FileShield 1.0

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