June 9th, 2007 by Keith

G4FanControl 0.5

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G4 Fan Control

Is your Powerbook or iBook getting too hot? Then, you will definitely need G4FanControl 0.5, a utility that allows user to control the cooling fan system within the iBook or PowerBook laptop.

This application can be configured according to user’s preference at which temperature should the fan be powered up. The default temperature limit will be reset by Mac OS X in the event of system reboot.

In this latest version of 0.5, a Graphical User Interface (GUI), is being implemented. Check out the application from the site today. You definitely won’t want to get your Macintosh laptop fried by high temperature.

If you fancy a command line application instead of GUI, then use version 0.4 instead.

Download Application
G4FanControl 0.5

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