June 18th, 2007 by Keith

IconEdit 0.9b – Icon Editor

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As the name suggests, IconEdit is an easy-to-use icon editor. Furthermore, it is also small and lightweight, specially designed to be used as a standalone program, althought the initial idea was designed to be used as an add-in for IconMania.

The current version is 0.9, developed in 1999 by Hagai Pipko using Visual Basic 6. Though it may not be the latest release, but a lot of people seems to have found this useful, particularly its file size is less than 300kB.

Released as a freeware, IconEdit requires the following system requirement:

  • - Pentium,
  • - 16 MB RAM,
  • - 5 MB HD
  • - Windows 95/98,
  • - RunTime DLLs.

Although I have not tested it on Windows XP/2000 or Vista, I am pretty sure it will be able to run on these operating systems.

Download Application
IconEdit 0.9b

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