June 3rd, 2007 by Keith

Louis 1.0 – Braille Translator

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Designed and developed by Gregory Kearney, Louis 1.0 is a full featured Braille translator for Apple Macintosh users. The application is based on the design of liblouis and liblouisxml, in order to compete with Duxbury and other similar commercial programs that are used to produce Braille.

Despite being available for free, it has no lack of incredible features:

  • # Full Mac GUI with VoiceOver.
  • # Full on-line and local documentation.
  • # Translation of MS Word, text, XML, HTML DocBook, DAISY/NIMAS, NewsML, rtf.
  • # Ability to learn new XML based formats.
  • # Support for a wide range of languages.
  • # Support for MathML to nemeth translation.
  • # Back translation.
  • # Creating and saving custom configuration files.
  • # Including custom files.
  • # Integration with TextEdit, including a TextEdit menu script.
  • # Braille contextual menu for translating English text to U.S. Grade two Braille in Cocoa applications.
  • # Braille widget for quick translations and sign making.
  • # Braille and BrailleShadow True Type fonts in the public domain.
  • # Ability to run translations from he command line

This program is supported available for free under the open source GNU license. Hence, source codes are made available if you are interested.

Download Installer
Louis 1.0

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