June 17th, 2007 by Keith

MacCaching 0.6.2 – Discovering the World One Cache at a Time

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MacCaching 0.6.2 is a cache manager for Macintosh machines. It enables the system to track and catalog all the geocaches, therefore making geocaching even faster. Furthermore, it can be sync with an iPod for Paperless Geocaching.

In essence, the software connects a GPS receiver to the Mac OS X. Cachelists, or rather playlists, can be created for caches in a general area, e.g. caches that have already been found, caches that users are looking for, and more.

MacCaching is highly compatible with Geocaching.com’s .LOC and .GPX file formats. Note that, this software is available for free but it is currently under heavy development. It is advised that users do not install this in production machines.

Download GeoCache Manager for Mac OS X
MacCaching 0.6.2

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