June 19th, 2007 by Keith

Qtrainer 0.4 – Personal Training Instructor

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Personal home trainers can be really costly. Unless you are a celebrity, such as David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston or Michelle Pfeiffer, then chances are you got to work it out by yourself at the Gym. Never mind that, because Qtrainer is a software that simulates a personal home trainer. For all you need, the application is able to plot your progress and provides training schedules to suit your needs.

Currently, the application only supports fitness or power training, but it is likely to include other sports in future. In addition, it may be able to plan future training schedules in the long term.

Qtrainer is not yet stable. Though it can be used, but crashes may be expected. The reason for the crash is mainly due to the way data is being stored on the computer. The program will be revised for better stability in the future.

Otherwise, it is still quite a nice, friendly application to replace your costly fitness training instructor.

Initially designed for Linux, a Windows version is also available.

Download Software
Qtrainer 0.4 (Win)
Qtrainer 0.4 (Linux)
Qtrainer 0.4 (.deb binary)

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