June 4th, 2007 by Keith

ReceiptWallet 1.1.3

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Receipt Wallet

Working in a business environment is always very fast-paced. When it comes to dealing with purchasing, there are always receipt lying around which it may be important to keep them organised. Well, instead of paper form, why not have an electronic alternative. ReceiptWallet 1.1.3 is an application that handles that mess for you; it tidies up your chunk of receipts into a scanned electronic format.

This application runs on the Mac OS X operating system. It does not just scan your receipt; in addition, it also enter information such as merchant name, amount, category and other information for you, so that you can easily locate the receipt quickly when required.

In electronic form, these receipts can be viewed on the screen, printed off directly, sent to clients via email or even saved as PDF files. The enhanced search function built into the application is probably what makes it a good choice for daily business use.

The software can be downloaded for a 21-day trial, but a license will cost $29.95. It is a small price to pay for huge convenience in organising stuffs, especially receipts.

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ReceiptWallet 1.1.3

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