June 8th, 2007 by Keith

System Information Viewer 3.21

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System Information Viewer

Want to find out more detailed information about your system? There is one tool that is definitely going to be really useful for this – System Information Viewer 3.21 (SIV). This application is a general Windows tool for dumping information about the Windows OS software, Network and hardware details.

Some of these useful hardware information includes CPU, PCI, USB, Machine, sensors, etc. Below are the latest changes to this release:

  1. Added initial support for the Intel Core 2 (Penryn), (Wolfdale), (Ridgefield), (Yorkfield) and Intel Xeon (Harpertown) 45nm CPUs.
  2. Improved the Network [CPUs] page reporting of Intel Core 2 processors.
  3. Add reporting of the ITE IT8712F, IT8716F and IT8718F sensor chip version and improved the Fan Speeds reported.
  4. Added the [Disk SMART] page that reports Disk Drive status information. This is currently only for SATA and PATA drives, SCSI will be added in future.
  5. Added initial support for the Intel G35, P35, Q35, X38 and ICH9 Chipsets.
  6. Added [DIMMs] and -SAVE=[DIMMs] to report/save information on the System Identity and the Memory DIMM configuration.
  7. Extended -MONITOR mode logging to also log the current System Physical Memory, Paging File and File Cache usage.

For your information, the SIV website has just been updated to http://rh-software.com.

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System Information Viewer 3.21

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