June 21st, 2007 by Keith

WordPress 2.2.1 Released

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WordPress 2.2 has attracted a large number of loyal WordPress bloggers to update to that version. However, it has not stopped them from developing further. WordPress 2.2.1 was just released a few hours ago. It consists of several bug fixes and additional enhancement to improve the features in version 2.2.x.

The full detail of the bug fixes is available here; below is just a summary of the major fixes.

  • * Atom feed validation fixes
  • * XML-RPC fixes
  • * Widget backward compatibility fixes
  • * Widget layout fixes for IE7
  • * Page and Text Widget improvements

Some enhancements include the follow:

  • * Remote shell injection in PHPMailer
  • * Remote SQL injection in XML-RPC Discovered by Alexander Concha.
  • * Unescaped attribute in default theme

Well, as usual, it is advised that WordPress users of version 2.2 are advised to upgrade to this latest version. Download them from this site.

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