August 2nd, 2007 by Keith

Joost – Now For Friends – 0.11.0

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Joost Overlay

Joost has released the latest version – 0.11.0 – also called Joost – Now For Friends. The edition is still currently under beta development but has shown to work pretty well with vast improvement over the last couple of releases.

Users may realise that previous versions can no longer work, and that is because of the programmed code to ensure users constantly upgrade to the latest Joost version, to ensure it maintained bug-free. Some of these updates can be found on the release note.

Not to mention, Joost is still operating under the invitation system, which registering from Joost directly will take a longer time; users can in fact obtain an account through an invitation system (which is far quicker) if you know of anyone who owns a Joost account.

Joost is now supported in both Windows and Mac OS X platform. Do take note, if you are upgrading, make sure the previous application is shut down and uninstalled (my recommendation) before installing the latest version over it.

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