August 15th, 2007 by Keith

ReNamer – File Renaming Tool

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This is when I need it most, and has proven so effective for me. It happens one afternoon when my sister called me up and asked me to help her solve a filename renaming batch issue. I thought, that could be simple and be solved using either Windows Explorer or Command Prompt. In fact, it can be done – but to deal with a huge number of files (approximately thousands of them), and with extremely long and weird filenames, task of renaming them looks daunting. Though Linux might have done a better job with batch processes, but I decided that instead of getting her to install Linux and do a batch process, it might be easier to grab hold of a software that actually do these tasks.

I combed the Internet for several possible tools; some of which are great, whereas others are mediocre. These are some that I have found:

  1. Renamer 6.0 – by Albert Bertilsson
  2. Renamer – by Boolean Dream inc.
  3. ReNamer – by Denis Kozlov

I did not managed to install Renamer 6.0 to try that out. According to the site, it mentioned that this application is extremely powerful for renaming multiple files; several functions are also included, e.g. change, search/replace, insert, trim and many other batch operations. It is also capable of changing names of ID3 v1 tags on MP3! Unfortunately, the drawback is that .NET Framework is required to be installed before I can run (which is the reason why I did not try it out).

Renamer, as developed by Boolean Dream Inc., is probably a great choice for me (but maybe not for my sister). It is based on linux-style command-line functions. Hence, it is possible (and rather flexible) for users to perform mass renaming of files based on a UNIX-style regular expression. It is probably good for those who are well-versed in using UNIX commands, but if you are adapted to using Windows GUI style, it may well take you a day to figure out how to use it.

Eventually, it boils down to using Denis Kozlov’s ReNamer. His application probably suits me (or rather, my sister) best. It works in Windows environment, and contains all the necessarily functionalities to rename multiple files. It includes functions such as

  • - addition and deletion of prefixes or suffixes
  • - concatenation of filenames
  • - batch numbering
  • - and even more….

Furthermore, users can combine multiple renaming actions as a rule set, and applying each action in logical sequence. ReNamer supports 30 different meta fields, including EXIF, ID3 and others, that can be used as part of the new file name. PascalScript programming is also supported – thus advanced users can make use of this advance feature to apply on their files.

So, this application has won my support – and I would highly recommend this ReNaming tool to anyone who wish to perform mass renaming actions.

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