August 4th, 2007 by Keith

ScribeFire 1.4.2

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ScribeFire Logo

Blogging is now easier with ScribeFire! This application is a Mozilla Firefox plugin, which embeds advanced blogging functionalities into a simple applet. With the latest release of version 1.4.2, it has, no doubt, come with several improvements and enhancement.

  • * Close button has been restored
  • * Clicking on a blog name opens in new tab, not window
  • * Blogs have their URL as tooltip in the blog listing
  • * Displays “View blog” button after publishing
  • * “Publish” button now contains blog name
  • * Firefox 3 Support (Alpha 7)
  • * Tag sort is now case-insensitive
  • * New locales

If you are one who often browse the web, or constantly write blogs, ScribeFire is definitely the choice for you. The plugin can be downloaded from the Mozilla Add-on here.

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