August 14th, 2007 by Keith

Skype 3.5 for Windows

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Without a doubt, Skype has released its latest version of Skype for Windows just a few days ago. I was completely taken aback by this new release as it contains several enhancement and improvements, integrated with new newly designed security features.

Change Log

  • * feature: Safety and Privacy Improvements
  • * feature API: SET_INPUT for recording Voicemail
  • * change: IE plugin updated to version
  • * change: Extras Manager updated to version
  • * change: Dial tone changed
  • * change: Updated all localizations
  • * bugfix: Add video to mood message button was not clickable in entire lenght
  • * bugfix: Incoming chat message notification displayed video messages wrongly
  • * bugfix: Error message displayed when shutting down Windows while Skype was running on some occasions
  • * bugfix: Wrong payment rejection cause displayed when person called from not compatible client
  • * bugfix: Send contacts button was active after leaving chat
  • * bugfix: Call was put on hold when screen saver activated
  • * bugfix: Audio devices with the same name where displayed incorrectly
  • * bugfix: Skype crashed when ending a call in some circumstances
  • * bugfix: On some rare cases opening chat resulted 100% CPU usage

Skype SnapshotUpon upgrading (or installation, if you are a new user) of this latest version, you will receive a pop-up from Skype to inform you of the latest features:

  1. Share Videos – share favourite videos with friends by clicking on the mood message.
  2. Video Snapshot – Capture snapshot of contacts during video calls
  3. Skype Prime Beta – a marketplace for sharing and learning skills
  4. Call Transfer – allows easy transfer of Skype contacts

This version definitely provides a lot more enhancement that its predecessor. Users are highly advised to upgrade to this version.

Download Link
Skype for Windows

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