August 9th, 2007 by Keith

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (Tribe 4) 7.10 Alpha 4 Released

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For the Ubuntu enthusiasts, I am proud to announce that Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon Tribe 4 (the 4th alpha release of Ubuntu 7.10) is now available to the public. This release is accompanied by a rich list of new features which is likely to excite all linux users, and not just Ubuntu die-hard fans.

If you are using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and is highly interested to upgrade to this version – use the command below to perform your upgrade.

Upgrading from Ubuntu Feisty Fawn
Install update-manager 0.59.23 from feisty-proposed. Then run “update-manager -d“.

Below are some of the list of new and improved features of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.

  1. GNOME 2.19.6 – The latest and finest GNOME desktop environment is now the default installation in this release.
  2. Faster User Switching – Now with only one click, you can switch into another user’s profile easily.
  3. Tracker in Desktop searching – Faster search with tracker.
  4. 2.3 – FREE office suite. This release is classified as beta release. It should work reasonably fine, but bugs may still persist.
  5. AppArmor – the AppArmor security framework is now installed by default.

Other enhancements include faster shut-down screen and improved desktop applets, which will be to the delight of all Ubuntu users. However, there are some issues which you may want to check that out before performing an upgrade.


  • * The desktop CD does not install translation support from network repositories. Please use System → Administration → Language Support to add translations after the installation.
  • * When starting the Ubuntu live CD, or on a freshly installed Ubuntu system, you will sometimes get a crash report for the Deskbar applet. Please ignore this crash.
  • * On Kubuntu installs OpenOffice currently does not start, but hangs at the splash screen. To workaround this install
  • * The “Check CD” CD menu option does not work on the Kubuntu desktop CD. Unfortunately there is no workaround.
  • * On Edubuntu server installs the “Building LTSP root” step takes a very long time (in the order of 15 minutes) without visible progress. It will eventually finish, though.

If that does not bother you, then you can perform the upgrade process; or alternatively download the ISO image file from the link below:

Download Link (Ubuntu) (Kubuntu) (Edubuntu) (Xubuntu)

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