August 8th, 2007 by Keith

Wubi – An Unofficial Ubuntu Installer

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Ubtunu 3D Desktop

Installing Ubuntu by a Windows user is definitely easier now – especially with Wubi, an unofficial Ubuntu installer. With this application, it allows Windows users to install and uninstall Ubuntu, as if it were any other Windows applications within the operating system.

With Wubi, Ubuntu can be installed in 3 basic steps:

  1. Download Wubi (see download link below)
  2. Run the Wubi installer
  3. Reboot into Ubuntu

The software is absolute safe, as it does not require user to modify the partitions on the PC, or use a different bootloader. In addition, no CD is required! All the files are being kept in one single folder and the application is run from there. Un-installing Ubuntu is also a breeze, since all the system files are stored within a single folder.

Now, the best part of using Wubi, is that it’s free. There is a forum pertaining to Wubi discussion, which interested users may access to check out more information.

A more advanced guide to Wubi installation is also available here.

Download Installer
Wubi beta

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