August 22nd, 2007 by Keith

YouTubeDesktop – Beta

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Most users would have already known about YouTube, one of the richest online video archive, powered by Google. Though it is rather easy to browse and search for videos in YouTube directly from its website, it is undoubtedly easier with YouTubeDesktop, an impressive dynamic web application, coupled with modern design for search, watching and even downloading videos from the web!

As according to the developer, YouTubeDesktop is designed based on the key idea; that is, to bring normal desktop experience to the browser. Within the web application itself, windows can be dragged, resized and minimized into a tray. It is even possible to drag-and-drop videos between players and result, all within a single web application, hence making it one of the richest, if not the best web application for viewing and managing video content. The incredible flexibility of the design is encompassed by the user-friend interface and functionality.

Login PageAs YouTubeDesktop is not ready for release, public users are not allowed to access and navigate YouTube using its web application. Lucky for me that the YouTubeDesktop Team is willing to provide a demo account for me to try out and experience the richness of the program. As this is not a normal software program which users need to download and run off their computer, it makes installation easier (or perhaps, there isn’t any installation to perform).

Upon accessing the YouTubeDesktop website, user are prompted to enter their login ID and password to proceed. User with no account are not able to gain access, but may try requesting for a beta account from the site.

YouTubeDesktop MainAfter logging in, you will be welcomed by the sleek black (theme) design with functionalities which seem really very useful for anyone who browse a lot of videos from YouTube (click on the thumbnail to enlarge). It won’t take long for the server to register you, as the server needs to synchronise your account, and load the information from YouTube as well.

After a while, you will be greeted by a well-arranged category of YouTube videos. Click on any of them will simply open up a window. You will be surprised that the window itself is embedded within the web browser, and NO, it is not a flash application. I was amazed with the way that the YouTube Team of developers have created this site. Of course, you may not drag the window outside the web browser.

YouTubeDesktop VideoThe next thing which I like about the web application is the capability to perform integrated search task. It returns me a good list of content and information as one would get directly from the original YouTube website. Other functionalities include:

  1. Featured videos
  2. Most popular videos
  3. Last 20 video played
  4. History of your playlist
  5. Ability to change theme


  • + The REAL Web 2.0 Experience
  • + Interface, designed to be used just like every other desktop application
  • + Fast flexible searching, displaying the results with option to resize them, so you can use the site even when sitting in your sofa and watching on a plasma TV – will look just as perfect!
  • + Managing Playlist – create and save any video to watch later or share them with friends!
  • + Watching multiple videos at the same time – you can have more than one player open – all made easy using standard functionality – dragging and resizing the windows, minimizing them within the tray – never been easier!
  • + Download Videos as avi, mp4 (ipod), mov, 3gp (mobile), wmv, flv, exe (built in standalone player) – all converted on the fly. That gives you the chance to save all your favourite videos on your computer and watch them whenever you want.
  • + Drag and Drop interaction – Allows you to drag videos around to create a new player or playlist.
  • + Change themes – set the way the site looks according to your mood
  • + Share videos with friends – send url’s and recommend videos to friends through e-mail
  • + View your recently played videos.
  • + View Adult Content
  • + And there are many more features we are about to add soon!

As this is currently still under beta development, not all the features are available. Despite that, I can see that YouTubeDesktop has already created a new technology; to browse videos from another site.

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