November 2nd, 2007 by Keith

Symantec Database Security (SDS) 3.0

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A complete new security solution aimed at securing database has been released by Symantec. Known as Symantec Database Security (SDS) 3.0, the software comes with new capabilities to curb the loss of sensitive information or intellectual property stored in databases.

Some of the new features include intruder identification, real-time transaction policy alerts and integration with Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM). SDS prevents fraud and leakage of sensitive data due to faulty practices and oversights, while addressing growing auditing, compliance, and regulatory requirements for secure data access.

This software supports a variety of database software, such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle and IBM DB2.

Key Benefits

  • -Protection from data leakage through monitoring of credit cards, social security numbers and other custom data patterns leaving the database.
  • -Simplified auditing helps organizations meet compliance requirements for data protection more efficiently and cost-effectively with zero IT database performance impact.
  • -Fraud detection helps prevent database threats from both outsider and insider attacks while enabling legitimate interactions necessary for business productivity.
  • -Intruder identification allows corporations to track malicious activity by identifying the end-user credentials and IP addresses that initiated the specific database transaction.

SDS is highly recommended for SME and large enterprises that store sensitive and confidential data in their database. Nothing is costlier than data leakage.

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