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September 13th, 2008 by Keith

CPU-Z 1.47 – Information on your System

Posted in Utilities, Windows

CPU-ZA very small and useful utility tool, CPU-Z 1.47 allows users to gather quick information about their hardware component and system, such as the motherboard, processor and memory data. In this latest version release, CPU-Z developer has added new supports for the processors.

  • * Intel Core i7 processor.
  • * Intel Core 2 Duo S Mobile processors.
  • * NVIDIA MCP79/7A chipset.
  • * AMD 790GX / SB750 chipset.

One of the beauties of this utility is that the application itself does not require any installation. Simply download and run the executable file; hence, no messing with the Windows registry. To remove the program, simply delete the files, it is as clean as it can get.

Download Application
CPU-Z 1.47

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September 13th, 2008 by Keith

UnChrome 1.1 – Remove Your Identity

Posted in Fun Stuff, Software Companies, Utilities, Windows

The recent release of Google Chrome to the World Wide Web (WWW) has created a big hoo-haa as a lot of users have rushed to download and try out the new application (for free). According to Google,

“…Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier…”

However, what users do not realise is that each Google Chrome installation contains a unique ID, thereby each computer has a unique “thumbprint” to identify the user. Even if two systems are installing from the same setup file, the identity is different, due to its underlying hidden algorithm that is obscured from users’ knowledge. Don’t forget, Google is exceptionally clever in data collection.


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September 12th, 2008 by Keith

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Posted in Beta, Business Software, Site News, Software Companies, Web Apps, Windows

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 some time back and it is still making some progress in the browser market to seize back the loyalty from those who have joined the Firefox community, or even Google Chrome. There are several enhanced features, which the Internet Explorer developer team has put together for this browser version.


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September 12th, 2008 by Keith

Pidgin Portable 2.5.1 for Messenging Mobility

Posted in Fun Stuff, Linux, Site News, Web Apps, Windows

Amongst all Internet Messaging (IM) clients, Pidgin Portable is one of the best applications that I have been using and will be using for a long time. This application is able to take the IM settings and buddy lists supporting most protocols, such as AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, QQ, GTalk and Jabber networks, etc.

Do not be deceived by its portability, as the software features several great features including added support for encryption plugins, for a much secure, encrypted messaging.

The latest version of Pidgin Portable 2.5.1 is now available, since its release on September 4, 2008. Users can recommended to utilise this latest application to enhance your messaging experience!

Download Link
Pidgin Portable 2.5.1

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September 9th, 2008 by Keith

WordPress 2.6.2 Is Now Out!

Posted in Business Software, Linux, Mac OS, Site News, Solaris, Web Apps, Windows

WordPressNews for WordPress users! The next release of WordPress 2.6.2 is now available and released for your installation or upgrade, as mentioned in our previous post. According to Ryan in his blog, a critical issue that is being resolved in this version pertains to blog owners allowing open registration to the public. This was basically due to the dangers of SQL Column Truncation and weakness of mt_rand() function, as pre-warned by Stefan Esser.

Prior to this version, it is possible for anyone to create a username such that it will allow resetting another user’s password to a randomly-generated password in an open registration WordPress blog. Although not disclosed to the attacker, the problem itself is rather annoying. However, when coupled with a weakness in random number seeding in mt_rand() function, it is a security exploit as attacker is able to utilise this to predict the randomly-generated password.

Besides this, WordPress 2.6.2 also consists of several other bug fixes. All users are highly advised to upgrade to this version, for security purpose.

Download Software
WordPress 2.6.2 [tar.gz version]
WordPress 2.6.2 [zip version]

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September 3rd, 2008 by Keith

Chrome Web Browser – by Google

Posted in Beta, Business Software, Site News, Web Apps, Windows

When we speak about Web browsers, the two main players in the market that come directly into our minds are none other than Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Of course, there are other web browers, such as Opera, Konqueror and Nautilus, but the one that truly dominates the market remains to be the software king, Microsoft.

In a bid to battle against the market share, Google has developed and released the so-called new web browser, Chrome. What is so good about this new browser?


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