January 23rd, 2008 by Keith

uTorrent 1.7.6 Released to Fix Crash Bug

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uTorrent LogouTorrent users are advised to take note; if you are currently running on version 1.7.x, your application might be experience some crashing moments. The latest release of uTorrent fixed a remote crash bug and 3 other minor issues.

Change Log

  • - Change: do not use adapter subnet to identify local peers
  • - Fix: double-clicking to open items in RSS releases tab
  • - Fix: remote crash bug (affects all 1.7.x, and 1.8 builds released to date)
  • - Fix: limit local peers if disk is congested

Note that, the crash bug affects versions 1.7.x and 1.8 releases to date. Hence, upgrade is strongly recommended as no further update is available for those releases dated prior to version 1.7.6.

Download uTorrent
uTorrent 1.7.6

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