January 1st, 2008 by Keith

WordPress 2.3.2 Released

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WordPress DashBoard

WordPress 2.3.2 was released 2 days ago, barely unknown to me just right under my nose. I have been expecting it for quite some time, as the previous version released, WordPress 2.3.1, was then released more than 2 months ago.

This WordPress version provides several bugs fixes, as usual, but more noticeably, it is highly recommended to upgrade to this version. One of the main fixes is that the previous version exposes a security flaw that allows draft posts to be seen by public. Several other bug fixes and enhancements can be found here.

List of bug fixes

  • - sanitize_post and sanitize_post_field are very expensive no-ops
  • - Suppress DB errors unless WP_DEBUG is true
  • - Custom DB Error Page
  • - Limit post_password exposure in XML-RPC metaWeblog.getRecentPosts
  • - query.php mistakenly uses is_admin() to check for admin privileges
  • - setup-config.php, install.php don’t check for a valid MySQL connection

Download Latest WordPress version
WordPress 2.3.2

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