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Chrome Web Browser – by Google

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When we speak about Web browsers, the two main players in the market that come directly into our minds are none other than Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Of course, there are other web browers, such as Opera, Konqueror and Nautilus, but the one that truly dominates the market remains to be the software king, Microsoft.

In a bid to battle against the market share, Google has developed and released the so-called new web browser, Chrome. What is so good about this new browser?

Chrome, a new web browser developed by Google, is aimed at snatching the market share of the browser industry from Microsoft’s dominance. As we know much about Google, a lot of its softwares and applications is based on simplicity and ease-of-use. This is undoubtedly the same for Google Chrome.

Chrome was tested and is known to load pages much faster than the two giant browsers, i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Below are some special features of the new kid of the block.

Omni Box
This function makes use of a pre-defined search engine to automatically predict the link that users may want to surf, when the user types into the box. Even before the entire link is fully keyed in, the answer already appears right before the eyes. When Google did this, I believe it is likely to be based on users’ preference on the list of historical sites visited, as well as the popularity of the sites on the Internet World Wide Web (WWW).

Tabs in web browsers are nothing new these days. But the difference made here is that, each tab is independent of what is occuring on other tabs. For example, if one of the tabs is loading a java script and somehow the application crashed. The entire application will have to be terminated or closed and restarted before you can surf the web again; however this is not the case for Google Chrome. The sweet thing about tabbing in Chrome is that, anything that crashes in one of the tabs does not affect other tabs. Simply close that tab and continue operating on other tabs as per normal.

Privacy Settings
Google calls this Incognito mode in Chrome. Nonetheless, whatever Gooogle calls it, the functionality is brilliant. This is exceptionally useful if the user is browsing on a remote PC or a shared-PC. As the title suggests, the privacy setting allows users to protect its information by having the browser to completely remove the cookies and temporarily files collected during the process of browsing, after the user shuts down the web browser. In a way, no critical or vital information that is left at risk when the user leaves the computer.

Chrome Easter Egg
This is something which I found over at SelfMadeMinds, posted by CoffeeBeansGalore. An interested easter egg for all you nerds to enjoy. Simply type the following command in the Chrome address bar.


Enjoy the findings!

Generally, Google Chrome is a fantastic browser; my first use suggests the experience is great! Built on open-source code, it also allows community to develop other features (or plugins) to add on to the browser, the way Firefox did it. I would arrogantly suggest, this is probably what the community wants in times to come. If you are having doubts about it, I would strongly suggest you to download the browser and try it yourself. You’ll never regret this!

Currently, it is only available on Windows platform.

Download Google Chrome
Google Chrome

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