September 28th, 2008 by Keith

Mac Version of uTorrent

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Thanks to TorrentFreak, the release of the Mac version of uTorrent is made known publicly, although it is yet to be officially released. Despite made available, this application is still considered to be an early alpha release and is still in heavy development by the uTorrent developers team.

Given a very mac-like interface, Mac fans can now have something to cheer for, especially uTorrent is widely popular amongst Windows users and such progress is beneficial to the community. It was also mentioned in the TorrentFreak that it is better than its Windows counterpart.

The downside is that it’s not available for direct download from the website; it was made known when someone posted a torrent file on The Pirate Bay. You can definitely try downloading the application to use, but at your own risk. Since it is still in alpha development stage, there are likely to be some bugs that has yet to be suppressed. So, enjoy.

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