November 5th, 2008 by Keith

WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 Excels!

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Anyone who uses WordPress should really take a look at this WordPress 2.7 Beta 1! After running it on my personal blog site, I realised this is definitely worth recommending for a trial, despite it currently being in beta development stage. In this version, it contains a complete change of interface and design. The experience whilst surfing using Firefox was absolutely brilliant.

However, as noted by Ryan Boren from WordPress, this release is not free from glitches; there are some issues when used with certain browsers (although I have never tried them myself). It is believed that Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera may have a little problem using this WordPress version.

There will be a release candidate version released on November 10th, 2008. It is intended to be a high-quality, near-finish release that is likely to fix most bugs present currently on the system. Nonetheless, the final official release is likely to happen by end of November.

Download Link
WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

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