March 11th, 2009 by Keith

KOffice 2.0 Beta 7 Has Released

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Linux users, or rather KDE users, would be delighted to know that KOffice developers have released their 7th beta version for KOffice 2.0, which could potentially be the final beta release before the first Release Candidate (RC) version is out. There will be more information coming up next week from KDE.

Below are the list of changes for this beta version:

  • * Crashes fixed in all applications
  • * Fix loading and saving of shapes in the text shape (KWord)
  • * Fixed an important cell edit bug in KSpread
  • * Use the format of a master page when using a layout in KPresenter
  • * Many bugs fixed in the chart shape
  • * Also many bugs fixed in Krita
  • * Improved support for SVG in Karbon

The main focus in this beta release is on crashes, data loss, ODF saving and loading. As this is still currently undertaken as development stage, users might want to avoid installing on production machines.

Linux users should easily know how to install KOffice. Simply access your respective repository to search for KOffice packages and install it from the KDE repository.

Download Office Suite
KOffice 2.0 Beta 7

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