April 28th, 2009 by Keith

Tribler v5.0

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Want to watch television online? That’s fairly easy with Tribler v5.0. Due to the latest, simplified implementation of the search box, users can easily find files without the need for a website – all done within the application itself. It works like file-sharing, except that it is not exactly file-sharing.


  • * Most easy to use
    • – Complete GUI re-design for simplicity
    • – Clean user experience hiding unnecessary technical details
    • – Automatic file management option
  • * Integrated search box
    • - Fully distributed search – no central control or point of failure
    • - Search as easy and fast as Google
    • - Ranking by relevance and torrent quality
  • * Experimental video-on-demand support
    • - Start playback, of well seeded torrents, directly to your screen. No need to download the entire file first
    • - Support for almost all video/audio formats – thanks to VLC media player
    • - Fully backwards compatible with BiTtorrent

Currently, this application only works in Linux system. If you are running Ubuntu, that would be even easier. The direct links to the Test Build are:

deb http://ubuntu.tribler.org/test/ hardy main
deb http://ubuntu.tribler.org/test/ intrepid main

Note that, version 5.0 of this Tribler application is still considered in the development stage. You may want to take note not to install this on production machines.

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