April 22nd, 2007 by Keith

Fast Image Resizer 0.87

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Fast Image Resizer

Batch resizing image is now easier with adionSoft Fast Image Resizer 0.87. Designed specifically to perform the task of image resizing on very large number of images is now easier and definitely faster.

The latest release of version 0.87 also includes the capability to add filename selection and auto crop images options.

Although there are several other programs that can perform similar tasks, but it’s not easy if you want to process thousands of images as quickly as possible. This software is simply dedicated to the task of resizing, and therefore makes the operations very quickly.


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April 5th, 2007 by Keith

Vista Firefox 2 Beta 0.5.0

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Vista Firefox

Vista Firefox 2 Beta 0.50 is a theme for Firefox 2, modelled after Windows Vista Explorer. The previous version was taken over by Miamoto to recreate a new look of this theme.

As of yet, it is in no way a complete theme; Thee beta version (0.42), released earlier by *solidfilter, was roughly incomplete and Miamoto has taken over he task of completing the theme. Hence, from now onwards, all beta versions will be released by Miamoto.

Installation Instruction

  1. Download the file below and save it to your Desktop.
  2. From the Firefox browser, click on Tools>Add ons>.
  3. Click on Themes.
  4. Click and Drag the .jar file to the Add-ons windows.
  5. The theme will automatically be installed.

Download Link
Vista Firefox 2 Beta 0.50

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March 15th, 2007 by Keith

Fetish 2.0 Beta

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Fetish theme

This is probably one of the most misleading name that exists for an application. Fetish 2.0 Beta, as the name suggests, may not be what you think it is.

Fetish is a new iTunes skin for Macintosh. While it isn’t a gigantic change from the default iTunes look, it has successfully incorporated the look and feel of Fetish.

As this is still experimental, some portions of the skin is likely to change when this theme is released. Note that, Fetish 2 also has an iconset and new desktops.

Download Link
Fetish 2.0 Beta

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March 8th, 2007 by Keith

Mathmatix 1.0 – Graphing Calculator

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Mathmatix 1.0 is an animated 2D and 3D expression graphing calculator. Mathmatix uses a composite made up of expression elements for storing, manipulating, and processing calculation trees.

Rendering speed and quality may vary greatly depending on what type of 3D-acceleration hardware that is installed on the system.

The software is able to run on all Windows platforms, i.e. Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP.

Download Link
Mathmatix 1.0

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March 4th, 2007 by Keith

ImageSorter 1.01

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Sorting image is now easier with ImageSorter, an application that browse large library images and sort them automatically. This media browsing tool sort pictures according to colour, but more particularly according to image content. Similar images which are positioned close to each other are sorted to close to each other.

This sorting scheme makes it much easier to find a particular image within a huge set of images than other approaches used today that mostly can do a sorting by name, date or file size only. The sorting results of ImageSorter are more impressive for larger image sets (a folder containing 1000 images compared to a folder containing only 10 images).

The current version of ImageSorter sorts images by the similarity of their color layouts. Future versions of the program will support additional ordering criteria. All images within a folder are sorted in such a way, that similar images are positioned close to each other. This sorting scheme makes it much easier to find a particular image within a huge image set.


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February 28th, 2007 by Keith

Art of Illusion 2.4.1

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Art of Illusion

Want a simple 3D modelling and rendering studio application? Some of the good ones are paid versions, whereas those free versions have limited functionalities. Art of Illusions 2.4.1 is a free, open source software that allows users to perform these graphical rendering works.

The application is completely written in Java, and thus a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that is compatible with JSE 1.4 or later is essential to run the program.

The current version is released on February 27, 2007. This version is both stable and powerful enough to be used for serious, high end animation work. Many of its capabilities rival those found in commercial programs. Some of the highlights include subdivision surface based modelling tools, skeleton based animation, and a graphical language for designing procedural textures and materials.

Download Link
Art of Illusion 2.4.1

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February 25th, 2007 by Keith

MSN Pictures Displayer

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MSN Pictures Displayer

Create a slideshow of your own pictures as MSN Messenger avatars, while chatting with your friends. To do that, you can use MSN Pictures Displayer. Even if the contacts have not installed MSN Pictures Displayer, they can still see the slideshows created with MSN Pictures Displayer.

Note that, only 96×96 thumbnails are stored in the slideshows. After saving it, it will not be able to restore to original full picture. Thus, it is advised that users keep a copy of the original pictures.

Download Link
MSN Pictures Displayer

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February 24th, 2007 by Keith

Image2mpeg 0.8.1

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Image2mpeg is a simple tool that allows conversion of digital photos (and other images) into MPEG movie streams on Linux/UNIX systems. In addition, there is transition support between images, which may be accompanied with music (or any other audio streams). The application also contains a script to generate credits and title streams when required.

The latest version of image2mpeg now supports the Ken Burns Effect, where photos can be panned and zoomed during display.

Several distribution builds are available. Check out the link below to download the appropriate builds or source file.

Download Link
Image2mpeg 0.8.1

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February 20th, 2007 by Keith

ActivIcons 4.0 – Icon Package Tool

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Tired of the Windows XP default icons? Try something new. ActivIcons 4.0 is a package that makes it easy and simple for users to change properties for various icons on the Windows desktop and Windows Explorer, with additional attributes for many other desktop settings as well.

With this application, users can save and restore the desktop layout, repair corrupted icons, increase the size of the Windows icon cache to prevent future problems, etc. Animated icons can be displayed using this software. In addition, icon text labels may be made transparent too.

Last but not least, ActivIcons is available free for charge.

Download Link
ActivIcons 4.0

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February 19th, 2007 by Keith

Blender 2.4.3 Released with a Brand New Front Page

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Blender 3D

Since the last post on the release candidate of Blender, the final version of Blender 2.4.3 is now released. In addition, this open source software has a brand new look on its home page.

The application is meant for 3D modelling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback, Blender 2.4.3 RC2 is one that has got what it takes. The software is available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.

The key features of this application are shown below.


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