December 10th, 2008 by Keith

Using WordPress 2.7 NOW

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No, it is not officially announced yet, but guess what, I am already using WordPress 2.7! See the screen-shot on the right, you’ll notice that the version mentioned WordPress 2.7 and not WordPress Release Candidate 2.

So, this rather surprising to me. Anyway, do enjoy the latest WordPress version. Note that, it may not yet be available from the WordPress Download directory, but it should be available from the Development repository.

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December 9th, 2008 by Keith

WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 2

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WordPressSince the last release of WordPress 2.7 RC 1, WordPress has revealed the Release Candidate 2 version of WordPress.

Upgrading to this version is pretty easy, if you are already using previous version of WordPress 2.7. Simply go to the Upgrade function and click on “Upgrade Automatically”, that will set your system going.

New users are highly encouraged to try out this version, as of my personal opinion. WordPress 2.7 is definitely a huge improvement over any previous versions of WordPress.

Download File
WordPress 2.7 RC2

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December 5th, 2008 by Keith

Opera 10 Alpha Web Browser

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Coming towards the end of 2008, Opera has released to the public the new kid on the block – Opera 10 Alpha, as an early Christmas present to Opera users and fans. Packed several features, especially with the much anticipated Presto 2.2 rendering engine, everyone must be dying to test out this new browser on their system.

The new rendering engine provides improvement to the browser in terms of speed, stability, support for new generation Web standards as well as several other key features. With Presto 2.2, it was mentioned that it gave a 30% speed improvement on resource intensive pages, such as GMail and Facebook.


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December 1st, 2008 by Keith

WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1

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WordPressReleased just yesterday, WordPress 2.7 is ready to take the Internet by storm and with that, WordPress 2.7 RC 1 is now available for download. Released on the first day in December 2008, about 280 fixes have been applied since its beta 3 version.

This version encompasses several changes, including a new Administration User Interface (UI), automated version upgrade function, and several other enhancements and bug fixes.

Although this was noted to be ready for trial, but make sure you back up all the essential files and database prior the upgrade. Trust me, you’ll like this version over any previous versions of WordPress!

Download Upgrade File
WordPress 2.7 RC 1

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October 24th, 2008 by Keith

WordPress 2.6.3 Patches Snoopy Library

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WordPressShortly after the release of WordPress 2.6.2, the next version of WordPress 2.6.3 is now available for download. In Ryan’s blog, it was mentioned that a vulnerability was discovered in the Snoopy library.

This was found to be a low-risk vulnerability, and only affects two files in the WordPress installation. Hence, if you do not prefer to download the entire installation, you can over the 2 files below and replace them in their respective directories:

  1. wp-includes/class-snoopy.php
  2. wp-includes/version.php

The version number on your WordPress will not change; but that’s all it takes to patch the Snoopy library issue. The two files will patch the library file as well as update the WordPress version.

Download Software
WordPress 2.6.3 [tar.gz version]
WordPress 2.6.3 [zip version]

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October 20th, 2008 by Keith

FileZilla Client

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Ask anyone which application is the best software for FTP (file transfer protocol), most of them will point in the direct of Filezilla. Filezilla is a free FTP solution that provides both server and client applications; furthermore, it is an open source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. In other words, you can download this for free and use it for personal purpose, as long as it is within the GNU GPL agreement.

Having used Filezilla for a long time, I have absolutely no complaint with this software as it provides almost everything that is required for file transfer. In addition to common FTP communication, it supports SFTP (Secure FTP) and FTPS (FTP using SSL). In the latest release of Filezilla Client, some of the bug were fixed.


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October 19th, 2008 by Keith

GIMP 2.6.1 Released

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The open-source GIMP, also known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program, has released the latest version of GIMP 2.6.1. For others who are not familiar with GIMP, you can consider as a substitute for the free version of Adobe Photoshop. This software is capable of performing complex tasks, such as photo re-touching, image composition and image authoring. On top of that, it runs on multiple operating systems and not just Microsoft Windows alone.

Release notes for this version is made available here. From a development point of view, GIMP 2.6 series is a rather important release as it features major changes to the user interface that addresses some complaints provided by users. Furthermore, there is a tentative integration of GEGL, the graph based image process library, that will bring a much detailed and comprehensive editing to the users’ experience.


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October 16th, 2008 by Keith

Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 1

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For Firefox fans, this is good news! The next version of Firefox 3.1 is now out; just to make things clear, it is the beta version per se, that is released.

With this long awaiting browser wars between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this will allow users (perhaps testers and developers) to verify the real speed performance across all the web browsers. Behold Google Chrome’s V8 engine against TraceMonkey to compete for Javascript performance.

What’s new in this version?

  • * Web standards improvements in the Gecko layout engine.
  • * Added support for CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 properties.
  • * A new tab-switching shortcut that shows previews of the tab you’re switching to.
  • * Improved control over the Smart Location Bar using special characters to restrict your search.
  • * Support for new web technologies such as the and elements, the W3C Geolocation API, JavaScript query selectors, web worker threads, SVG transforms and offline applications.
  • * Want to quickly switch between tabs? Press Ctrl-Tab to jump back and forth!
  • * Control the Smart Location Bar results with special characters.
  • * Watch Ogg video without the need for any plugins.
  • * Drag and drop tabs from one Firefox window to another.

Strongly encourage all to give this Mozilla Firefox 3.1 (beta 1) version a try. So far, my experience with it seems very positive. Of course, you may have to be a little lenient on this application as it’s still in beta stage. Kindly note that, as this is still not official, perhaps it is advised not to deploy it on production machines.

Download Software
Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 1

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September 26th, 2008 by Keith

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 – Urgent Fix

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In less than 3 days, Mozilla released the next version of Firefox 3.0.3. According to the release note, the developers have found and fixed a problem where users were unable to retrieve saved passwords or save new passwords.

This bug has been filed under bug 454708. There is no any other changes. For more information on this new release, you may want to check out version 3.0.2, which was more of a major update from the previous version.

I did not realise the existence of this bug since I never save my passwords using the browser. I’m glad that Mozilla managed to turn this over within 72 hours.

Download Firefox
Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3

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September 24th, 2008 by Keith

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.2 Now Available

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Just a moment ago, when I logged on to my laptop to use Mozilla Firefox, I found that Mozilla has released the next version of Firefox – Firefox 3.0.2. So, catch the latest version to update your Mozilla Firefox browser now.

Over the last few weeks, I’m sure you have been stormed by Google’s release of its own web browser – Google Chrome. A lot of comparison has been made on the speed improvement on the Javascript, benchmarking the Chrome’s V8 against Mozilla’s TraceMonkey. However, do note that this version does not include TraceMonkey, which was rumoured to be much faster than Google Chrome.

Anyway, users are advised to update to this latest version, as it contains several bug fixes.

Download Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox 3.0.2

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