August 28th, 2009 by Keith

CPUZ 1.52 – With A New Look

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The next release of CPU-Z, developed by CPUID, has raised some eyebrows. One of the most noticeable change is the revised dialog size to fit the new Intel logos.

In addition, a new validation button is added to the application, as well as a new tab named “Graphics”, which is intended to provide reports on some basic information about the graphic devices. Furthermore, CPU-Z will also be available in a native x64 version.

New Changes

  • * New design with “Graphics” tab.
  • * New 64-bit version.
  • * NVIDIA nForce 980a chipset support.
  • * Intel Core i5 and Core i3 processors.
  • * Intel Atom Z530, Pentium DC E6300 (2.8GHz) and Core 2 Solo processors.
  • * Intel P55 and US15W chipsets preliminary support.
  • * AMD Phenom TWKR support.
  • * AMD Phenom X2 “Callisto” and Athlon X2 “Regor” processors.
  • * AMD Opteron 6-core “Istanbul” processor.
  • * Improved support for Windows 7.
  • * New Intel logos.

Download File
CPU-Z 1.52 with installer (setup)
CPU-Z 1.52 32-bit (.zip, no install)
CPU-Z 1.52 64-bit (.zip, no install)

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August 26th, 2009 by Keith

TMonitor 1.01 Beta – from CPUID

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CPUID has just rolled out a new product – TMonitor 1.01 Beta. This application is aimed to display the active clock of each individual thread of a multi-core, multi-threaded processor.

The software has a very high refresh rate (~20Hz) that allows users to visualize the smallest clock variation in real time. TMonitor is able to detect mechanism such as Intel Turbo boost, and therefore allows to clearly visualize its effect as the processor is working.

Check out the image on the right to view the effect of Turbo Technology on an Intel Core i7 870 based on a Lynnfield core. Unfortunately, it only works on Intel Core 2 and Core i3/i5/i7 processors.

Download File
TMonitor 1.01 Beta

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April 26th, 2009 by Keith

Zoho Writer – An Online Word Processor

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Not yet gone, but soon, are going to be the days where expensive Word Processor, are required to type professional documents. Introducing Zoho Writer, the most comprehensive web-based application for small businesses. Because of its integration with Google Gears, it allows the application to be run offline, even without connection to the Internet.


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April 17th, 2009 by Keith

VLC Media Player Portable 0.9.9

Posted in Audio, Fun Stuff, Linux, Mac OS, Utilities, Video, Web Apps, Windows

Early this month, VLC Media Player Portable 0.9.9 was released for public to be downloaded. The portable version is packaged as part of a portable app, so that you can take your audio and video files along with everything you need to play on the go.

This latest version includes a multilingual installer and fixes a bug where directory was left locally. Furthermore, it is released under the open source, and it is completely free. The VLC Media Player is both a cross-platform multi-media player and a streaming server.

As a media player, it is highly portable, supporting various audio and video formats, such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, etc. Furthermore, the VLC player also playbacks DVDs and VCDs. In addition, it also works equally well as a streaming server to support unicast or multicast in IPv4 and IPv6 on high-bandwidth network. The application is also available in many operating systems, thus making it ultra-portable.

Download File
VLC Portable Media Player 0.9.9

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December 3rd, 2008 by Keith

Songbird 1.0 is Finally Here

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Finally, after a long-awaiting period for Songbird, the official release of version 1.0 is now available! In this release, there are several new features to look out for.


  • GStreamer
  • Improved mashTape
  • Improved Album Art Support
  • Complete Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Updated Linux Installer
  • Re-usable Smart Playlists
  • Reveal Original Files
  • Recommended Add-ons Updater
  • Hide & Show Display Panes
  • Simpler Column Headings

Besides, there are several other enhancements as well!


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November 23rd, 2008 by Keith

Disk Internals – Linux Reader for Windows

Posted in Fun Stuff, Linux, Software Companies, Utilities, Windows

It is easy for Linux users in Linux environment to access Windows partitions, such as FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS, by mounting the volume in the operating system. However, it is not easy to do so for the reverse; that is, to access Linux partitions (files and folders) from Windows environment.

Nonetheless, the task is not impossible. Although Microsoft did not equip the Windows operating systems with this feature, it can done via Disk Internals Linux Readers. With this tool, users can access the ext2 and ext3 partitions from Windows.

System Requirement

  • - An Intel-compatible platform running Windows 9x/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
  • - At least 16 MB of RAM, a mouse, and enough disk space for recovered files.

Download File
DiskInternals Linux Reader 1.0

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November 17th, 2008 by Keith

Gimp Portable 2.6.2 Released

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Where graphical editing tools are concerned, in my opinion, there is nothing that beats these 2 top products in the market – Adobe Photoshop and GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). Whereas the former requires users to pay for its use, the latter is released under the GNU GPL license, such that users can download the application for free and use it as according to the regulation stated by its license. Anyway, the news here is that, GIMP Portable 2.6.2 is released for your update.

GIMP Portable 2.6.2 is slightly different from GIMP 2.6.2, in the sense that this application is “portable“; that is, the installation can be done on a USB thumb drive or a removable drive and data is not written onto the hard disk drive. Thus it allows users to carry the application on a thumb drive and move it from one PC to another. That is an amazing feature, if you are working in an environment where installation of programs is strictly prohibited on the host PC.

Download Application
GIMP Portable 2.6.2

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November 8th, 2008 by Keith

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta 2

Posted in Business Software, Software Companies, Utilities, Windows

One of the most useful applications developed by Microsoft is the Microsoft Outlook Connector. With this application, users can access Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts from their Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Outlook 2007 software.

Using the connector, the emails messages, contacts and calendars are accessible directly from the client software. Best of all, it’s free!


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October 20th, 2008 by Keith

FileZilla Client

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Ask anyone which application is the best software for FTP (file transfer protocol), most of them will point in the direct of Filezilla. Filezilla is a free FTP solution that provides both server and client applications; furthermore, it is an open source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. In other words, you can download this for free and use it for personal purpose, as long as it is within the GNU GPL agreement.

Having used Filezilla for a long time, I have absolutely no complaint with this software as it provides almost everything that is required for file transfer. In addition to common FTP communication, it supports SFTP (Secure FTP) and FTPS (FTP using SSL). In the latest release of Filezilla Client, some of the bug were fixed.


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October 19th, 2008 by Keith

GIMP 2.6.1 Released

Posted in Business Software, Fun Stuff, Linux, Mac OS, Site News, Software Companies, Solaris, Utilities, Windows

The open-source GIMP, also known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program, has released the latest version of GIMP 2.6.1. For others who are not familiar with GIMP, you can consider as a substitute for the free version of Adobe Photoshop. This software is capable of performing complex tasks, such as photo re-touching, image composition and image authoring. On top of that, it runs on multiple operating systems and not just Microsoft Windows alone.

Release notes for this version is made available here. From a development point of view, GIMP 2.6 series is a rather important release as it features major changes to the user interface that addresses some complaints provided by users. Furthermore, there is a tentative integration of GEGL, the graph based image process library, that will bring a much detailed and comprehensive editing to the users’ experience.


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