August 8th, 2007 by Keith

Wubi – An Unofficial Ubuntu Installer

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Ubtunu 3D Desktop

Installing Ubuntu by a Windows user is definitely easier now – especially with Wubi, an unofficial Ubuntu installer. With this application, it allows Windows users to install and uninstall Ubuntu, as if it were any other Windows applications within the operating system.

With Wubi, Ubuntu can be installed in 3 basic steps:

  1. Download Wubi (see download link below)
  2. Run the Wubi installer
  3. Reboot into Ubuntu


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August 5th, 2007 by Keith

WordPress 2.2.2 and 2.0.11 Released

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In just about 4 hours ago, WordPress has released the next minor version of WordPress 2.2.2 and WordPress 2.0.11. These two branches are released pertaining to security issue.

Since these are only minor security and bug fixes, upgrade to these latest version is highly recommended. They should not have any plugin or theme incompatibility issue.

Download Link
WordPress Download Site

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August 4th, 2007 by Keith

ScribeFire 1.4.2

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ScribeFire Logo

Blogging is now easier with ScribeFire! This application is a Mozilla Firefox plugin, which embeds advanced blogging functionalities into a simple applet. With the latest release of version 1.4.2, it has, no doubt, come with several improvements and enhancement.

  • * Close button has been restored
  • * Clicking on a blog name opens in new tab, not window
  • * Blogs have their URL as tooltip in the blog listing
  • * Displays “View blog” button after publishing
  • * “Publish” button now contains blog name
  • * Firefox 3 Support (Alpha 7)
  • * Tag sort is now case-insensitive
  • * New locales

If you are one who often browse the web, or constantly write blogs, ScribeFire is definitely the choice for you. The plugin can be downloaded from the Mozilla Add-on here.

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August 3rd, 2007 by Keith

Skype Updates for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

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Skype Logo

There have been several updates with Skype during the last couple of weeks, when I was not around. So, it might perhaps be a good idea to cluster all the distributed platforms into this one single post. As of now, the latest releases of Skype are:

  1. version for Windows
  2. version for Linux (still beta)
  3. version for Mac OS X

Download (or upgrade) to the latest version now. It contains security fixes and bug fixes.

Download links
Skype for Windows
Skype for Linux
Skype for Mac OS X

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June 21st, 2007 by Keith

WordPress 2.2.1 Released

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WordPress 2.2 has attracted a large number of loyal WordPress bloggers to update to that version. However, it has not stopped them from developing further. WordPress 2.2.1 was just released a few hours ago. It consists of several bug fixes and additional enhancement to improve the features in version 2.2.x.

The full detail of the bug fixes is available here; below is just a summary of the major fixes.


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June 20th, 2007 by Keith

NoteList 2.3

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Use NoteList to store notes in a free form, using text and images with full word processing capabilities. Not just simple, it is also effective to use to organise your information. Generally, it has a list of notes on the left and the content of the selected note on the right – just like Microsoft Outlook.

This version includes bug fixes from the previous release, and it allows the use of custom font and sizes too. It can be used for the following purposes:


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June 19th, 2007 by Keith

AutoClose 2.0

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A small utility to shut down Windows systems, AutoClose 2.0 has the following features:

  • * Shut down the system at certain hour.
  • * Shut down the computer according CPU usage.
  • * User-friendly interface.
  • * Works with Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000.

The application is available for free, and it consists of above several features. I am not sure how useful it may be to shutdown system when it is running at low CPU Usage, but what I like about another feature is its capability to designate a particular time at which it will be shut down.


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June 19th, 2007 by Keith

Qtrainer 0.4 – Personal Training Instructor

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Personal home trainers can be really costly. Unless you are a celebrity, such as David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston or Michelle Pfeiffer, then chances are you got to work it out by yourself at the Gym. Never mind that, because Qtrainer is a software that simulates a personal home trainer. For all you need, the application is able to plot your progress and provides training schedules to suit your needs.

Currently, the application only supports fitness or power training, but it is likely to include other sports in future. In addition, it may be able to plan future training schedules in the long term.


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June 18th, 2007 by Keith

IconEdit 0.9b – Icon Editor

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Hagal Logo

As the name suggests, IconEdit is an easy-to-use icon editor. Furthermore, it is also small and lightweight, specially designed to be used as a standalone program, althought the initial idea was designed to be used as an add-in for IconMania.

The current version is 0.9, developed in 1999 by Hagai Pipko using Visual Basic 6. Though it may not be the latest release, but a lot of people seems to have found this useful, particularly its file size is less than 300kB.


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June 18th, 2007 by Keith

FileShield 1.0 – Password Protect Your Files

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File Shield

Ever want a simple protection scheme on your files and folders of your Windows system without going too much hassle and complication of using expensive software? FileShield 1.0 is probably what you might be looking for.

This application is capable of password-protecting your files and also produces an executable file. As such, users can share the application or files without worrying that the original file content is being compromised.

To share the file, simply share the executable file. Upon execution, a password will be required in order to extract the original content of the file. Also, note that even if changes are being made to the file, the encrypted file remains the same, i.e. the original version remains unchanged.


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