September 11th, 2006 by Keith

CoreDuoTemp 1.0 – Temperature Monitoring Tool

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For Intel Mac users with PC that runs the latest Intel Duo Core chips!! CoreDuoTemp 1.0 uses SpeedIt, a framework by Increw Team, to monitor and supervise the temperature of your Intel Macintosh computer.

System Supported
iMac2006, MacMini 2006, MacBook Pro, MacBook

A screenshot of the CoreDuoTemp Widget is shown at the below.

Using the framework provided by the Increw Team, CoreDuoTemp is able to fetch both the temperature and the frequencies of the Intel processor. At every system startup, CoreDuoTemp will need to ask for administrator password because it has to load SpeedIt in the system components each time system boots up.

As SpeedIt is in the application package of CoreDuoTemp, to delete SpeedIt, just trash CoreDuoTemp, and the former will just be automatically remove.

CoreDuoTemp Widget

This is a fine widget and owners of Intel Core Duo processors in their Macintosh should be proud to have one running.

The link to download CoreDuoTemp is available.

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