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Cypto Text 1.2

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Crypto Text

Thinking of sending some secret messages? So, we are talking about cryptography here. In order to hide the true message, users will have to first encrypt the message and scramble the text up, so they look like some kind of junk message. This encrypted message will be sent over an unsecured channel, where some other people may be listening or possibly intrude and steal the packets. However, the thing is that these people would not be able to understand the message because they are encrypted, and would need to decipher the junk text into proper text before they are legible for reading. At the end party, the one who received the encrypted text, would need to decrypt the text using a special decryption mechanism.

That’s the simple story about cryptography, and usually one of the commonly used mechanism today is using the Public-Private key. Users do not need to purchase an expensive software to do this, right out there now, there are lots of open source applications that do these type of encryption for you. For example, the Crypto Text 1.2, developed by Krypto Anarkist

With Crypto Text, users can encrypt emails, short notes and texts using this small application. This software uses the AES (Rijndael) algorithm, so while during the encryption process, users at both end of the channels will have to agree on a passphrase in advance. This passphrase will have to be kept secret and not be divulged to any third party, to avoid compromising the message.

Another usefulness of this application is that it does not require any installation, yet has a nice straightforward interface. The source code is also available, for your inspection.

Short note

This program uses the AES (Rijndael) algorithm which is approved for TOP SECRET information by the US Government (when 256-bit keys are used). However, crypto text works by taking a SHA-256 hash of the passphrase and using this as the AES key, therefore it is essential to choose a long passphrase to ensure a decent level of security. If you choose “password” as your passphrase you aren’t going to get the full benefit of using a 256-bit AES key!!!

Why compromise your message? It is time for you to secure your messages right now. You won’t know who might be eavesdropping on your messages.

Download Crypto Text 1.2 (with source code included)

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