September 21st, 2006 by Keith

Pando Beta 0.9.1 Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

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In the past, if you want to send large files over the Internet to another party, yousendit is certainly a good option for that. However, only recently, they have decided to cap the limit at 100MB. Bad luck for those who are sending large files with over hundreds of Megabytes (MB). Apparently, there is not much option of temporary file storage solution.

On the other hand, sending email attachments usually do not go beyond 10MB. Email seems almost an unpractical solution.

However, things are not so bad. Pando has developed an application (together with Outlook plug-in) to allow users to send files up to 1GB in size to an email receipant. Things will never be the same again, with Pando Beta 0.9.1. Furthermore, this application is available for free!

New Features

  1. Download Counter – See when and how many times packages you’ve sent have been downloaded.
  2. Package URLs – Within Pando, right-click your sent Packages for URLs to send via IM or post to the Web.
  3. Performance Improvements – Faster and more reliable transfers
  4. Better Proxy Handling – Pando now works in more corporate environments.
  5. Fixes to bugs you helped find!

The application supports both Windows and Mac OS X platform. Users can download Pando Beta from this link.

Furthermore, there is 100% no spyware and no adware!

There is also a Pando blog site created for Pando. Up till mid of last month, Pando has already over 1 million users worldwide. In addition, there is also a Pando Forum, and a Pando Friends Map.

Note: *Beta currently limited to 1GB per email.

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