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Supreme Auction 2.0 – Free eBay Auction Tool

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Supreme Auction

Never would you ever have a headache listing your items or keeping a watch over some items again. Supreme Auction 2.0 is a FREE eBay Listing Solution, packaged with free auction designs and eBay pictures that allows you to make quick listing easily over the Internet, rather than having to do it via web browser. This application has also won the eBay Innovation Award.

The idea of using Supreme Auction is to allow users with a very ease-of-use interface and make quick listings with professional and emotive presentations, that could promote sales significantly. Upon installation, there will be a user-guide to help you kick start a new design to make your listings. And users can make instant listing within minutes. Once confirmed, the listing will be published over at the eBay site using your own eBay account directly via API-Interface, a quick and easy solution.

The procedure is fairly simple, only in the following three steps:

  1. Enter your data – The particularly user friendly software saves with particularly simple operation and direct assistance each quantity of time for you with the production of your new professional auctions.
  2. Select your design – You can select one out over 200 breath-taking design templates with those you can present your article in a responding showcase.
  3. Submit to eBay site – you can send your auction automatically by push of a button to eBay. After the successful upload your new presentation is to be seen immediately on eBay.

An automatic calculator is also provided for sellers to give detailed information about the auction costs. There will be absolutely no hidden cost and everything is transparent.

Key Features

  • - sales promoting design
  • - structured, scrollable texts
  • - undersites with navigation
  • - animated design templates
  • - free start time planning
  • - free auction pictures

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Supreme Auction 2.0

One Response to “Supreme Auction 2.0 – Free eBay Auction Tool”

  1. lara Says:

    this tool is easy and great to work with. Love your templates…

    The widgets are recommendable!!!

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