September 26th, 2006 by Keith

The Vault 1.0 – Free Encryption Program

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The Vault

Again, this is another encryption program. The Vault 1.0 is developed by the Jensen and Brusca Consulting Group and is a file encryption program that is known to protect your data from intrusion. This software is capable of organising files by extension and version automatically, and also keep multiple versions of files added to its repository while maintaining the original modification, creation and access time.

The Vault ScreenShot

Offering enhanced security layers for users; PIN protection, Configuration file and hardware profile encryption. Users can well protected from any outsiders. For PIN protection on the application, it simply means the application would require PIN to run. The latter encryption category just illustrates that configuration files and hardware profiles can be safely encrypted to prevent access and tampered by intruders. The application also includes the ability to modify the encoding algorithm with a WebPass Pro file, which improves security, since the default encoding algorithm is not going to be used for all applications.

Click on the image to view the screen shot.

Download Link:
The Vault 1.0

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