January 30th, 2007 by Keith

ExactImage 0.3.2 – Future Replacement for ImageMagick

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ExactImage is an open source image processing library. Compared to other image processing library, such as imagemagick, this library enables image processing task to be speed up at least 10 times faster than the latter.

This library file is coded in C++, simply for the reason of speed. In the library, several new algorithms are explored and implemented, such as descreening, descewing, data-dependent triangulation scaling and others. In one way or another, it is considered to be a unified state-of-the-art algorithm. The included codecs take C++ STL std::istreams and std::ostreams allowing library users to implement their own data sources and destinations, such as in memory locations or network transfers.

Currently, ExactImage supports the following image formats:

  • * BMP: own C++ library in absence of an external one
  • * Digital Camera RAW: thru incooperated dcraw code, might use libopenraw in the future
  • * GIF: thru libungif
  • * JPEG2000: thru libJPEG, including lossless transformations
  • * JPEG2000: thru jasper, might use openjpeg in the future
  • * OpenEXR: thru the official libOpenEXR
  • * PNG: thru libPNG
  • * PBM: own C++ library as netpbm does not support arbitrary source and destination
  • * RAW: own C++ sniplet to read user-definer RAW data
  • * TIFF: thru libTIFF and it’s C++ binding

New Features in 0.3.2

  •   The convolution matrix was optimized and now performs 20% faster.
  •   The sub-byte image iterator (for pixel depths of 1, 2, and 4 bits per pixel) was fixed so that it does not accumulate the new pixel data over possible existing random garbage, but masks out the bits correctly.
  •   The sub-byte colorspace conversion shortpath was fixed to correctly deal with sparse bits at the end of each scanline.
  •   A typographical error in the big-endianess part of the BMP codec was fixed.

The developers are hopeful that ExactImage will one day replace ImageMagick as the modern, fast image-processing utility.

Download Link
ExactImage 0.3.2

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