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Open Contacts 3.9

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Open Contact

This application, Open Contacts 3.9, is an address book program with unified intuitive interfaces that allow users to manage and lookup contact information of individuals and business organisations. It simply improve your contact and relationship management. That is when Microsoft Outlook is probably too expensive for end-users, then this utility might just come in handy.


  • * Unlimited data fields to store any contact info. Along with preset fields, you may add unlimited data fields grouped by section.
  • * Interlink contact info of individuals, organizations and departments.
  • * Comprehensive Categories. You may click on a category to view contacts of the category, or right click to list contacts of subcategories recursively.
  • * Search through any data field, and search birthday of people.
  • * Import from MS Outlook, Outlook Express (WAB), Eudora, Netscape/Mozilla Thunderbird, XML (xCard), CSV and vCard.
  • * Export to indented text, CSV, Excel, vCard, XML (xCard) and HTML.
  • * Interact with Windows applications of telephony, Skype, emailing or Web/File browsing etc.
  • * Map service with Google Maps, supporting single line address and multi-line address.
  • * Print contact info and labels with built-in functions or external label printing programs.
  • * Attach photos and files .
  • * Portable. The program is portable running on external devices such as a USB drive or memory stick.
  • * LAN supports for multiple users in Local Area Network, using true Client/Server architecture.

The latest version includes some new stuffs, i.e. Google Desktop Open Contact Plug-ins, which allow users to search and lookup contacts on Google Desktop through the name, phone or email. Also, there is OC Birthday Reminder and Contact Express.

Open Contacts is a freeware, but do take note of the FONLOW IT SOFTWARE End-User License Agreeement.

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Open Contacts 3.9

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