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ICU 1.56 – I See You

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The software, ICU (also known as I See You), allows users to record and view screen shots of activities of other users in the local network. The administrator is able to check any user of what they are doing at any hour of the day.

The application allows browsing through the screens using sophisticated user-interface and search tools. ICU uses the vLog patent-pending recording engine so it does not utilize too much CPU and disk-space. The user in the recorded client will not be able to feel it. It is also secured so no one (but the administrator) can view the recordings.


  • - ICU utilizes minimal CPU and disk space.
  • - ICU can be set to be hidden in the client’s computer.
  • - ICU can be set to record only specific applications or URLs.
  • - ICU records text and has advanced Search and Alert utilities.
  • - The recorded data is encrypted and can be viewed only by the Viewer.
  • - Other Viewers can view the data if approved by the main Viewer.
  • - ICU can record even when the user’s computer is disconnected.
  • - ICU has an Auto Cleanup and a Backup utilities.
  • - ICU is designed to work with one or many clients.
  • - ICU has a comprehensive usage table and network usage reports.
  • - ICU has a sophisticated user-alerts system for Helpdesk.
  • - ICU recorder can be programmed to keep and send the recordings only by user-alerts.

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ICU 1.56

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