June 11th, 2007 by Keith

LifeType 1.2.3 – Blogging Application

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Similar to WordPress and b2evolution, LifeType 1.2.3 is an open-source blogging platform that supports multiple blogs and users in a single installation onto a web server.

LifeType requires at least PHP 4.3.0 and MySQL 3.23 to run. Regarding PHP, it is recommended to run the most recent version of either the PHP4 (4.4.0) or PHP5 branches (PHP 5.1.0). Apache is the preferred web server but LifeType should run fine under any web server as long as PHP is supported (including Microsoft Internet Information Services).

LifeType has been built on and for Linux and Unix servers, but it will run on the Windows platform without any problem (both under Apache and Microsoft Internet Information Services)

If you are planning to use advanced features such as customized URLs you will need support for ForceType in your Apache configuration. If you are planning to use the subdomains feature, you will need a domain configured to accept wildcard subdomains as well as a correctly configured Apache server.

A demo site is available here if you are interested to try out the application.

Download File
LifeType 1.2.3

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